eka pada raja kapota asana
Laozi on ox
Fujian's gorgeous tea plantations


All the Tea in China!


Spring trip highlights:

    PDF - Detailed itinerary
    PDF - Registration form and waiver
    PDF - Suggested packing list


Beijing Tour Portion: Tea Tasting & Tour Portion:
  • Guided tour of the feng shui design in the imperial palace
  • Introduction to wuji qigong with 104 year old Duan Zhi Liang, grandmaster of gong-fu & Chinese medicine (he's also catholic!)
  • Walking on remote and scenic sections of the Great Wall
  • Different regional cuisine nightly
  • Enjoying the famous Peking Opera!
  • Wuyi mountain's scenic tea plantations, the origin of lapsang souchong, and of the unique "red tea"
  • Tea trading market at Anxi
  • See the starting point of China's ancient silk road "sea route"
  • Introduction to Chinese medicine & Philosphy
  • Visit to Buddhist Guanyin shrine on Gulangyu island





"The taste of Zen and the taste of tea are the same" - Oriental proverb


-Travel Itinerary-

March 29 - April 15, 2012

18 days

Wall of teapots in old Beijing
Cost ~  $3895 covers:
  • China domestic travel expenses, including internal air travel

  • Accommodation based on double occupancy

  • For single occupancy, a surcharge of $900 will apply

  • Lecture and instruction by local experts

  • Optional taiji and qigong classes

  • Translation and local guides

  • Trip to historic Great Wall

  • Feng shui tour of Imperial Palace

Deposit ~  $1,000 due by January 15, 2012
                ~  balance due in full by Feb 15, 2012

 Participants are responsible for the following:
  • Chinese Visa

  • International air travel

  • Personal expenses

"Emerald tea trees on Lushan
Are hidden in swirling mist.
Light spring breezes waft perfume.
No wine can touch the senses
Like this tea with spring water"

-Bai Juyi, Tang Dynasty poet
Temple of Heaven
Tea links:

       Harvard study shows benefits of drinking tea
       University of Maryland study
       Wuyi Mountain area
       Tea Tasting


- About Master Duan Zhi Liang -

  Master Duan Zhi Liang  Master Duan Zhi Liang, aged 104, was born to a doctor's family in the imperial court before the end of the Qing dynasty.  Trained in Chinese medicine and martial arts by his father (one of the emperor's personal body guards) and his grandfather (a physician to the emperor), Master Duan himself spent many later years as a personal guard and doctor to high officials in the Chinese Military.  Having lived through more than 100 years of revolutions and constantly changing political and economic climates, master Duan has trained and tested his family's trademark mixture of gong-fu and Chinese medicine. He has held numerous national and international positions including Counselor to the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, Associate Director of Worldwide Chinese Medicine Association, Advisor to the Wudang Martial Arts Institute of China, and many others. 
    Having offered his services in free and low cost clinics throughout the capitol city for many years, master Duan now operates a modest clinic on the outskirts of Beijing.  Trained in his family's system of wuji (primordial chaos) qigong since the age of six, Master Duan has also mastered the internal arts of hsing-yi quan, baguazhang, and taiji, specializing in the use of the sword. Like his father and grandfather before him, master Duan is also a devout catholic and he has spent time in the Vatican training to be a member of the clergy.
    In keeping with his deep understanding of varied traditions, Master Duan repeatedly emphasizes the universality of human beings and the need for the entire "human family" to work honestly and humbly together.

    Excerpt on Master Duan from the PBS documentary: "Qigong - Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century" by Francesco Garri Garripoli.
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