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Dao De: the way of virtue
Ana Enz

About the founders:

Ana and Gideon Enz specialize in combining the internal alchemy of yoga and qigong with the external alchemy of herbology and oriental healing. They offer Triloka classes and seminars locally
and internationally with a teaching style that reflects a deep and
well-balanced blend of ancient tradition with modern science.
    In addition to teaching local and international classes and workshops, Gideon and Ana maintain a Chinese medicine clinic in Los Gatos, California. They bring groups to Asia to study medicine and mysticism, and travel regularly to further their skill and understanding of ancient martial, medical, and spiritual training systems.

  Gideon Enz



   Gideon Enz has been practicing and teaching qigong, taiji, and Asian medicine for the past 20 years. He spent his formative years travelling throughout Asia to study and apprentice with countless masters, yogis, and teachers. Gideon is certified at the highest level with the Yoga Alliance, holds a doctorate in medical qigong therapy, and is a shifu (master instructor) in several internal martial arts (taiji quan and bagua zhang). He is also one of only a handful of practitioners who are fluent in the martial, medical, and spiritual traditions of China, India, and Tibet.

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   Ana Enz’s early career was fueled by exploration, studying with many different teachers, including her 106 year old Taiji/Qigong Grandmaster in Beijing. What she discovered was the radical common sense that forms the basis of the ancient Daoist practices of Qigong, Taiji and Daoist yoga, which continues to stretch her daily. Her background as a body worker informs her grounded teaching style, bringing her knowledge of alignment and structure to her classes, woven into her thoughtful and gentle style. Having taught in the USA and Brazil, she maintains a clinical practice and now focuses on Teacher trainings, where she can pass on these ancient and rich practices to others in the hope that they too my find a deeper sense of self.

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